Professional service providers are in the knowledge business. You have a wealth of information that would be useful to others and that you could write about in order to enhance your reputation – but little time to do it. Or perhaps you find it difficult to translate what you know into language that will be clear and persuasive to a reader.

Working with a ghostwriter saves time and helps you meet deadlines. A good writer can help you choose a topic and an electronic or print publisher. The writer will prepare a draft (to publisher specifications) based on an in-depth interview with the author, a review of source materials provided by the author and additional independent research. The draft goes back and forth between writer and author until the author is completely satisfied that the final product accurately “speaks” with his or her voice and ideas.

Working with a professional ghostwriter can be helpful for those who have something to say, but find writing difficult. A ghostwriter also helps a professional successfully bridge the communications gap that often exists between the jargon and writing style of a professional practice area (like law, medicine, finance, architecture, engineering or software) and the language and style preferred by business and consumer publications and their readers.