This is part four of a five-part article.  For the entire article, see the link below.

Step six entails creation of a method to track and measure success, using specific deadlines.  How does the lawyer being coached define success?  Is it three new clients in a particular industry?  Is it five additional matters for an existing client? Is it strengthening his or her reputation in an area by writing three articles for a well-read industry publication?   Lawyers carefully track progress on their matters and cases; tracking business development activities will feel natural to them and can help drive results.

Finally, a good business development coach will help a lawyer to focus on the pipeline that will delivery work to his or her desk in the future – not just today.  What are the emerging issues that will threaten your clients?  Create lists of clients and potential clients who will be affected, and begin a communication process that puts you in front of these clients well in advance of the pack.

Successful coaching for lawyers is a process