Most lawyers believe that they know what their clients want.  Shockingly often, these lawyers are mistaken.  As a result, they make poor business and business development decisions.

Should we open a new office in a new region?  Should we add a new practice area?  Should we expand (or eliminate) an existing practice?  Should we target a particular kind of work in a particular industry?  What sets us apart from our competitors?

The only way to truly understand what clients and potential clients want from a lawyer or a law firm is to do market research that uncovers the truth in clients’ hearts and minds.  Client research is used to support law firm strategy and tactics that lead to better results and an improved bottom line.

“We know that to create, execute and maintain strong brands and client communications, law firms must understand how clients and potential clients are making decisions related to their service offerings,” said Brian Elkins.

Elkins discussed the use of market research by law firms at the monthly program of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Legal Marketing Association, which took place Feb. 11 at Ocean Prime in LoDo, Denver.

Elkins is senior brand strategist at Heart+Mind Strategies, a national consulting group that helps Fortune 500 corporations, associations and interest groups with cutting-edge brand strategy, audience research and product/service innovation.  The firm’s research is behind such well-known campaigns as “Plastics Make It Possible” for The American Plastics Council, “got milk” for the National Milk Processors and “Together We Can Save a Life” for The American Red Cross.

Elkins focused his presentation on new trends in market research.

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Strong trends energize law firm market research