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Today’s compelling law firm brand is not about the features of a product or service.  Instead, it is about meeting clients’ needs and solving clients’ problems.  The brand is about solutions.

“For example, retail customers rarely want to buy a drill just to have a drill,” said Elkins.  “They want to solve the problem of mounting a new shelf in the kitchen on which to place their cookbooks.  Ownership of a drill must be branded as leading to that result.”

Traditional branding efforts followed a linear pattern, with a beginning and an end.  This is the pattern most law firms are used to.

1.       Conduct market/brand research

2.       Understand the market perceptions of an entity’s brand, products or services

3.       Define (or redefine) the desired value proposition and brand promise

4.       Build a brand platform

5.       Deliver the brand through outbound communications

Today, effective branding efforts are circular and continuous:

1.       Conduct market/brand research to determine perception and value

2.       Engage in client intelligence via “client listening”

3.       Look to and prepare for the future using “trend spotting”

4.       Measure success, using benchmark campaigns, initiatives and monitoring

5.       Integrate marketing research in ways that meet the needs and match the comfort zones of attorneys

6.       Lather, rinse, repeat


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