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The first lesson law firms of any size can learn from big business is to get clear about what makes them different from their competition.  The best brands differentiate themselves in a way that is important to their customers or clients.

“Recently, I went to the grocery store to pick up some barbecue sauce,” said O’Brion.  “When I got there, I was faced with 42 different kinds on the shelf.  This quandary is what your clients face when picking a law firm.  When making their choices, what do they consider?  What sets you apart from the other firms ‘on the shelf’?

“Everything has a brand, either by intention or by accident,” said O’Brion.  “What is the brand of Monday?  Boo — back to work.  Of Friday?  Yay — TGIF.  Your law firm has a brand in the marketplace.  Make it purposeful.  Is your brand the all-too-common ‘all things to all people’?  Or is it something that persuades clients that ‘this is the firm for me’?”

Get your partners together to decide what it is that sets you apart.  Where do your talents lie?  What work do you most enjoy?  Which clients do you serve the best?  What work is most profitable?  Where does most of your work come from?  Where would you like it to come from?  Focus.  Build your brand and marketing message around this differentiation.

O’Brion used the example of an auto repair shop that branded itself as servicing all makes and models of cars, with little success.  When the shop realized that much of its work came from servicing Audis and VWs, it changed its message to specialize in these makes of car and business tripled.  Customers wanted to go to a shop that specialized in solving their particular problem.

“Successful branding boils down to just one thing,” said Gerry O’Brion.  “You must be different from your competition in a way that clients value.  Big brands thrive by continually refining their understanding of what their customers value and by consistently delivering their messages in a way that stands out from the competition.  Law firms can do the same.”

You can be an attorney.  You can be an attorney representing all businesses, everywhere.  You can be an attorney representing hospitality businesses in Colorado.  Or you can be an attorney representing restaurant clients in Denver.  If you are a Denver restaurant owner, which lawyer will you choose?  The sharper you focus, the better your brand and the more-profitable your business.


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