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At Coors Brewing, O’Brion was brand manager for Coors Light, a $2 billion brand.  He illustrated many of his points on successful branding with a Coors Light case study.  Research showed that the taste of all beers in the light-beer category was more or less the same.  Coors Light was ranked fourth and needed to find a way to differentiate in order to promote its brand.

Additional research showed that consumers makes their light-beer buying decisions based on eight factors – good taste, value, relaxation, low carbs/calories, socialization, refreshment, coldness and funny ads.  Miller Lite had branded itself on good taste and low carbs/calories; Bud Light on socialization and funny ads; and Corona on relaxation.

Coors Light therefore focused on refreshment and—especially — coldness.  They introduced the Frost Brew Liner Can.  “This is no different or more effective than any other can liner,” said O’Brion.  “We simply made it blue and associated it with coldness.”

Other new and heavily-advertised Coors Light products included the cold-activated bottle, the cold-activated can, the cooler box (simply a case with a plastic liner that turned it into a cooler) and a Super Cold Draft version of Coors Light.  Sales improved significantly and Coors Light passed Miller Lite and Budweiser to become No. 2 in the category, second only to Bud Light.

By following tips that work for the big guys, a law firm with a strong brand will keep and grow current clients, as well as attract desirable new clients. It will be less vulnerable to competitors.  Plus, the firm can charge higher rates.  Customers (and clients) are always willing to pay a bit more for a product or service that addresses their specific challenges.


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