Lawyers are smart people.  Most lawyers have attended presentations on how to develop new business and enhance their practices.  As a result, most of them clearly understand the theory behind business development.  Most of them sincerely want to get more work and better work.

So, why do most lawyers fail to achieve their business development goals?

The two primary obstacles are fear and lack of time.  Fear is generated when lawyers are asked to step outside of their comfort zones and engage in new activities.  Lack of time causes lawyers to push business development to the back burner, never giving it the chance to mature into habit.

“The best way to overcome these obstacles is to develop a customized marketing plan and tactics that fit a lawyer’s unique personality (thus overcoming fear),” said Craig Brown, “and to develop good business development habits (using a pipeline) that keep these activities front-and-center.”

Brown discussed how to motivate lawyers to engage in business development at the monthly educational meeting of the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Legal Marketing Association, held Sept. 10 at Sullivan’s Steakhouse in LoDo Denver.  Brown is a former lawyer and principal consultant with LawVision as well as founder of the Motivera Group and Modena Seminars.

“Lawyers will be successful when they are comfortable with and get satisfaction from business development, and when they develop the habit of regular engagement in business development activities,” said Brown.

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Match lawyers’ business development efforts to personality traits