“Ideally, to keep a pipeline flowing, a third of these targeted contacts should be in the first few states, a third in the middle stages and a third in the final states,” said Brown.

“A lawyer with a lot of targets in the first stages is good at meeting people, but needs to concentrate on transforming awareness into productive relationships,” said Brown.  “A lawyer with most targets in the middle stages needs to learn about closing the deal.  A lawyer with most targets in the final stages needs to worry about the pipeline running dry once that work is done.

“At stages three and five (building relationships and building trust), pursue activities that include your targets,” said Brown.  If you are giving a presentation or a seminar, for example, ask your target to be a co-presenter.  If you are writing an article, ask your target to be co-author, or send your targets a copy with a nice note.  If you are hosting an event, invite your targets to attend.

“Finally, when meeting with a target, a lawyer should try to discover the target’s personality type and modify his or her approach to better match the client’s personality,” said Brown.  “Use a Google search to learn more about the target.  Do a LinkedIn exercise to discover common connections.

“Check out the target’s office space,” said Brown.  “Analyzers will be surrounded by stacks of documents and magazines.  Relators often will have a lot of pictures of family, friends and colleagues in their offices.  The offices of directors will usually be Spartan.  Performers will entertain interruptions, like phone calls and text messages, during your meeting.  They will prominently display any awards.”

Once you understand a lawyer’s unique personality type, you can decrease their fear of marketing by coming up with a plan and tactics that meet their comfort level. Once they are comfortable with the tactics, you can address a lawyer’s perceived lack of time by devising a pipeline.  Spending just 30-60 minutes a week on pipeline activities can develop the essential habit of business development.

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Match lawyers’ business development efforts to personality traits