Each of the 47 lawyers was given a list of five customized questions around which to structure the conversation.  The conversation should be all about the client, and not all about the law firm.

After 60 days, more than 100 client conversations had been completed, generating useful qualitative and quantitative data.  The results were shared with 17 client teams.  The firm achieved 13 additional matters in the same practice area, 15 cross-selling opportunities, and one significant new business opportunity.

Based on feedback from clients, the law firm was able to:

1.       Engage in a training program with the client that enhanced visibility.

2.       Encourage the client to use the firm’s litigation management extranet, in order to manage legal costs from multiple law firms.

3.       Help the client re-scope a fixed-fee arrangement in order to improve realization.

4.       Help the client draft an article for the ACC on partnering on pro bono opportunities.

5.       Leverage client conversation into a plant tour, a meeting with the founders and a request for proposal for a broad range of legal services.

By developing a packaged training program and toolkit to prepare each attorney for the challenge, encouraging participation, and tracking feedback and results, attorneys at this firm gained great insights into their clients’ businesses, expanded contracts within the clients’ organizations, built goodwill and better relationships, and improved internal communication among lawyers and practice groups.


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Client Conversations Strengthen Relationships, Lead to New Business