This is part four of a seven-part article on innovative law firm websites.  Link to entire article below.


Too many law firm websites function as online brochures, talking on and on about the firm and its “features” – its history, its practice areas, its attorneys and its news.  Research shows, this is not what visitors are interested in.


Potential clients are interested in “benefits” rather than features.  They want to know that you have solved problems like theirs, for businesses in their industry, successfully in the past.  They want to know that you will answer their phone calls, staff their matters correctly, provide them with ongoing education and bill them appropriately.


“Organize your website around client industry and client needs, not your law firm organization chart,” said Walsh.


“Potential clients also want to work with a law firm that is a good cultural fit,” said Walsh.  “After all, law is relationship-based.  Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through on your website, and don’t confine personality to the careers or bio section.  Let potential clients know what it would be like to work with you over the long term.”


One great way to demonstrate client-orientation is through the use of client matter or case stories.  “Use short, vibrant stories to showcase your firm’s professional values and the way you solve problems,” said Walsh.  “These can appear in many places – in bios, in practice area descriptions, on industry pages and in dedicated ‘experience’ sections.”


Of course, you must get client permission to use these stories.


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