This is part five of a seven-part article on innovative law firm websites.  Link to entire article below.


Today’s online news, content and social media sites are rich in graphics.  Take a look at Facebook, Flickr or Pinterest.  Carefully consider USA Today, or the homepages of or  Today’s effective law firm website should also use graphics.


Photos are an important element, as long as they are original (not stock) and reflect the firm’s unique message.  Imagery is central and defining.  Photos should do more than simply break up blocks of words. 


Also, photos are a good way to demonstrate client-orientation.  Make ample use of photos of clients, their businesses and their industries.  Photos of lawyers that appear on their bios are often stiff headshots.  Instead, use a less-formal photo that provides additional information about the lawyer’s personality and interests.


“But don’t limit yourself to photos,” said Walsh.  “There are many interesting ways that other types of graphics can be used to display information.  Why present a dense page of unreadable text when a list, chart, table, map, diagram or illustration could present the same information in a much more interesting and compelling way?


Online elements like surveys, questionnaires and “games” invite user interaction.


Next generation of law firm websites influenced by social media