Attorney bios are the most frequently visited pages on law firm websites.  Some of these visits are due to the simple fact that clients and potential clients are heading to bios for a particular attorney’s contact information — phone number or email address.    But many of these visits are the result of potential clients, reporters and conference planners flocking to bios in order to "cross check" a reference before making contact.  Either way — each visit is a marketing opportunity.

Bio 1.0 is the traditional list of dull credentials — a list that indicates what a lawyer does but not the unique value that a lawyer brings to the relationship.

Bio 2.0 is the persuasive profile that includes personal quotes, "case stories" that demonstrate how a lawyer solves problems for clients in a particular industry, a section on personal interests and a friendly photo.

Bio 3.0 is the customizable attorney microsite.  Instead of a bio "page," each attorney has his or her own mini-site within the larger website.  I wish that I could take credit for this idea (and I certainly intend to "pitch" it to my clients), but I read about it in the excellent Great Jakes blog.

Here’s what Great Jakes has to say:

Imagine that one of the attorneys in your firm has written numerous articles and has made many presentations.  For this person’s expanded bio, you’d include an "articles" page and a "presentations" page on his or her microsite.

Other attorneys might be frequent social media users.  In this case, a feed from LinkedIn, Twitter or a blog can easily be incorporated into his or her microsite.

Other attorneys may have special needs and make unique requests.  This is not a problem, as the microsite pages can be configured to accommodate practically any content (e.g., a photo gallery, video or interactive diagrams).

Most attorneys currently take very little interest in their website bios.  Think how this would change (at least for an ambitious few) if they could take "ownership" of these pages and use them to demonstrate value and actually interact with clients.

What an opportunity to own and build your online reputation!