The best cultural fit occurs when an individual understands his or her own motivations.  What are your interests?  “I have always enjoyed food and eating out,” said Lintonsmith, “so it was natural that I would look to the food industry.  Lawyers can put their skill set to work in any industry.  Look for a firm that works within an industry you find interesting.”


(This is part three of a four-part article, based on a presentation by Susan Lintonsmith.  For the complete article, click on the link below.)


You also need to understand your own values – whether individual, cultural or generational.  A person who is structured and process-oriented will succeed best in a structured and process-oriented culture.  A creative person thrives to his or her full potential in a creative culture.


“A strong performance culture will value what you accomplish rather than how you accomplish it,” said Lintonsmith.  A strong style culture values how you do things.  A style culture tends to have lots of rituals – like customer-care campaigns and employee recognition events – that clearly communicate these values.  Some organizations stress results, others style.


“Once you understand your own interests, values and motivation,” said Lintonsmith, “you need to find a professional home where interests, values and firm culture all intersect.”


Law firm culture:  Understand before joining; embrace to succeed